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The MERICS’ Briefings provide insights and in-depth analysis of crucial developments in China beyond superficial news coverage. From February 2021 onwards our targeted briefings will be made accessible exclusively to subscribers. Our portfolio includes: 

  • MERICS China Briefing: Every other week, our team of experienced China experts analyzes current political developments and debates for you. We introduce the actors behind these developments, interview international China experts, decision makers and entrepreneurs and regularly review interesting books, articles, movies and podcasts. The MERICS China Briefing can be read in English and German. (Read current issue)
  • MERICS Industries Briefing : This English-language product is geared to readers interested in China’s economy. It gives an overview of the most important developments in China’s industrial policy and innovation system. Our economic experts analyze government strategies, technology plans, political directives and business activities. Once a month you receive a collection of informative articles on what is currently driving China’s industrial modernization that also highlight significant developments in industrial policies. (Read current issue)
  • MERICS EU-China Briefing (forthcoming in February 2021): The MERICS EU-China Briefing is written by our team of foreign relations experts who never miss a beat when it comes to current affairs in Beijing, Brussels and other European capitals.  The monthly newsletter analyses key issues shaping EU-China relations. It features summaries of relevant happenings, in-depth commentary from MERICS experts as well as a selection of valuable news stories. What's more, it will keep you informed and up-to-date about EU-China affairs.  
    • MERICS EU-China Weekly Review: This overview of the most essential developments in EU-China affairs comes to your inbox on a weekly basis (ca. 3 times a month). You can subscribe here for free.

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