Jun 30, 2022 09:00 - 10:00

Green hydrogen is quickly emerging as a key technology to decarbonize energy systems and to achieve zero-carbon economies. China’s development of a green hydrogen industry is just beginning, but already engaged in competition with industry leaders. With a global race to eliminate dependencies on fossil fuels, providers of green hydrogen technology are expecting a windfall over the coming decades. Our report provides a comprehensive look at China’s industrial policy, growing R&D activities, and industrial developments in a sector where China aspires to establish technology leadership.

A discussion with the authors of our new MERICS Monitor titled “China’s nascent green hydrogen sector: How policy, research, and business are forging a new industry” took place.


Nis Grünberg – MERICS Lead Analyst for China’s sustainable development

Alexander Brown – MERICS Analyst for China’s industrial policy



Claudia Wessling – MERICS Director Communications and Publication 


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