Future China Lecture: How China sees the world, with Vijay Gokhale

Mar 29, 2023 13:00 - 14:00

It was a pleasure to present our second MERICS Future China Lecture. Vijay Gokhale, India’s former Foreign Secretary and Ambassador to China and Germany, and currently a Senior Fellow at MERICS, spoke on the topic: “How China sees the World".

Vijay Gokhale, who has spent many years in China from the mid-1980s until 2018, provided an Asian perspective on China.  His talk dealt with how China sees itself, how others in the region see it, as well as the challenges that they face and opportunities they have available to shape the global order to their way of thinking. China is the most consequential new power in global politics in this century. Views about China have been shaped through western scholarship but the half the global population lives in the vicinity of China. How do they see China? How do they look at China's view of the world? What do they expect from China?

Moderator: Mikko Huotari, Executive Director, MERICS 

Read more about our first MERICS Future China Lecture with former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd here.

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