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How China controls its image abroad, with Katja Drinhausen and Mareike Ohlberg



How is Beijing trying to shape the image of China in Europe and Germany in particular? What is it doing to prevent criticism? And where does legitimate self-promotion end and propaganda begin? Johannes Heller-John talks about these and other questions with Katja Drinhausen, Head of the Politics and Society Program at MERICS, and Mareike Ohlberg, Senior Fellow in the Indo-Pacific Program of the German Marshall Fund. They will provide insights into the forms of Chinese influence in Germany and possible ways to deal with it. 

Together with MERICS Analyst Grzegorz Stec and European China Policy Fellow Ivana Karásková, they are co-authors of a new study on Chinese influence titled “Image control: How China struggles for discourse power”. This podcast episode, as well as the above-mentioned study, are part of a research project funded by the German Foreign Office.

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