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Cyber Security in China: Internet security, protectionism and competitiveness

New challenges to Western businesses

Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi, and Huawei – China’s internet and telecommunication giants are becoming more and more successful not only within China – but also outside of it. But how did they become that successful and why is the Chinese IT market increasingly challenging for western businesses?

In his latest China Monitor, Hauke Gierow (Research Associate, MERICS) takes a closer look at: Cyber Security in China (III): Internet Security as a Key Location Factor – and Challenge to Western Businesses.

China, Gierow in this China Monitor argues, is resolutely moving forward with the development of its own IT industry. But it is also isolating itself from international IT technology. By exercising control over major state-run businesses, the PRC is also maintaining its sovereign position in the IT sector.