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MERICS Web Seminar: The next German government’s China policy

Where do German policymakers see the most important challenges, opportunities and scope for political action? To what extent will they pursue a new course or rely on continuity? What goals do Germany’s major political parties set for themselves for the next four years? How can major political projects such as the Indo-Pacific Strategy or the EU's Global Gateway connectivity initiative be brought to fruition? And what role do European partners, the transatlantic alliance or cooperation with other Asian states play in this?

MERICS discussed these questions in a web seminar, October 13, with leading foreign policy experts from the four largest parliamentary groups in the German Bundestag. The event was open to the public and took place via Zoom. The discussion took place in German.

Franziska Brantner - MP, Die Grünen
Roderich Kiesewetter - MP, CDU
Nils Schmid - MP, SPD
Johannes Vogel - MP, FDP

Bernhard Bartsch - Director External Relations, MERICS
Ariane Reimers - Senior Fellow, MERICS