Shanghai Qibao Town set up a new beverage bottle recycling machine, calling on more people to participate in recycling and environmental protection actions, in east China's Shanghai
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MOFCOM five-year plan + Circular economy + Support for SMEs

1. MOFCOM five-year plan calls for greater diversification in trade 

At a glance: The Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) released a policy outline that seeks to solidify China’s position in international trade, boost investment links and augment its ability to reshape global supply chains. By 2025 the policy aims to: 

  • Shorten the negative list on foreign investment and further open up the telecommunications, internet, education, culture and health care sectors 
  • Ratify the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI), increase links between Chinese provinces and US states and reinforce Russia-China ties  
  • Diversify imports of agricultural products and energy resources, and build stable regional supply chains between China and neighboring countries in Asia 
  • Improve the assessment of foreign investment deals for risks which may be of national security concern