Participants of the MERICS European China Talent Program 2017

MERICS European China Talent Program

The European China Talent Program (ECTP) encourages young European professionals to hone their understanding of contemporary China and the ways it affects Europe. Launched by the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) in 2015, the ECTP takes place each year and gathers a select group of 15 young European professionals with a track record of exposure to China and the potential to excel in their given professions.
In 2021, MERICS wanted to shine a light on the many excellent young female, non-binary and young transwomen talents in the European China research community and contribute to gender-diversity and inclusion. We wanted to provide candidates with unique training and a mentorship opportunity where they will benefit from exchanges with participants and experts from various China-related career paths. Additionally, selected young ECTP participants were able to gain insights into the work of MERICS, the largest European research institute on contemporary China. As part of an intense three-day program, participants also worked in teams to formulate and present concrete proposals for improving European policy towards China on some of the most pressing issues of the day.

The 2021 ECTP took place on November 9 - 12 at MERICS in Berlin. Successful applicants received a travel allowance and board and lodging for the duration of the workshop. Please find below the call for applications for the 2022 edition, for which we again invite all genders to apply. The application period ended on May 16, 2022.

Throughout the years, the ECTP has developed into Europe’s leading forum for young professionals with a strong China background, establishing a diverse network of alumni who work in national governments, EU institutions, international organizations, academia, business, think tanks and public affairs. To ensure diverse representation and a multitude of viewpoints, the ECTP not only welcomes applications by EU citizens, but also by those of EU accession countries, EFTA countries and from the UK.   

As China expands its international presence and becomes increasingly active in global governance, European expertise on contemporary China is more necessary than ever. The ECTP will continue adapting itself to a fast-changing environment by tackling critical issues in European China policy. This will favor discussions on how Europe can make the most of opportunities and overcome challenges in its relationship with China in the years ahead.   

Here you can find the reports for ECTP 2020 and ECTP 2021.

Program Coordinator