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MERICS wishes you a happy and healthy Year of the Ox!

After what has been a turbulent year for many, we would like to thank you for your continued interest in our work and for supporting us with your participation in our events over the past year.

We have already begun 2021 full of energy for new projects, publications, and event ideas. Our China experts continue to produce in-depth analyses and insightful assessments of developments in Chinese politics, economics and beyond. As you might imagine, there are already many topics and events to look forward to this year.

In March, we will be looking at the National People's Congress and the 14th Five-Year Plan, and at the EU’s review of its Strategic Outlook on EU-China relations. We will also be keeping an eye on developments at NATO as it, too, continues to rethink its role vis-à-vis China. In the meantime, the situation will evolve as the new US administration lays out its China policy.

One thing is for sure, Germany and the EU will face significant challenges in navigating the US-China-Europe power triangle. German elections later this year could also entail changes in Sino-German relations. To help you stay on top of these developments we have launched two new products. Our colleague Grzegorz Stec, working out of the MERICS Brussels office, provides you with a weekly newsletter reviewing relevant developments in EU-China relations. And then starting in late February, we are launching a monthly analytical briefing on this issue area for members and subscribers only. 

With the CCP celebrating its 100th anniversary in July, our research this year puts a particular focus on analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the party’s governance model. Our next MERICS Paper on China will analyze the CCP’s approach to the economy, digitalization, and security – an approach that places “control” and “performance” front and center. In addition, we will present you with graphics, podcasts, videos and other informative products to shed light on the trajectory of China under CCP leadership.  

Our international team of experts continue to provide you with in-depth analysis of China’s global footprint, political development, economy, and society. Please stay in touch and stay healthy.  

The MERICS team wishes you a happy and healthy Year of the Ox!