Beijing’s understanding of development assistance is fundamentally different from that of OECD countries.
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Matt Ferchen: "In many developing countries, China is the only option available"

China’s engagement as a development actor is seen as controversial, especially in the West. While the Chinese leadership portrays development as a solution to almost all problems both domestic and foreign, some Western observers see China as a bad actor in developing nations.

How does the Chinese concept of development differ from ideas in the West? What are the aims of it and what are – often unintended – outcomes? And what can recipient nations do to shape Chinese engagement in a way that really profits their country?

MERICS expert and Head of Global China Research Matt Ferchen joined us in the studio to discuss these and other questions. In his view, Europe can play a bigger role in offering sustainable development options as an alternative to China.

Matt Ferchen on China as a development actor
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