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Noah Barkin on the implications of the US-China tech war for Europe

“Europe needs to find a way to create the structures to have a holistic debate about trade, technology, security.”

Europe is increasingly being put in a tight spot between its biggest trading partners China and the US. Especially in view of the upcoming 5G network expansion, the latter has put pressure on the EU and European countries to exclude the Chinese tech-company Huawei from European networks. China, on the other hand, has hinted at economic consequences should Chinese companies be banned.

While this dispute remains unresolved, new conflicts are already on the horizon as the US gears up to sanction the export of sensitive technological equipment to China. The MERICS experts podcast looks at how the US puts pressure on the EU, what areas are affected, and what options the EU has in balancing the demands of China and the US?

Noah Barkin on US sanctions on Tech exports
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Noah Barkin
Noah Barkin
Managing Editor at Rhodium Group & Senior Visiting Fellow at GMF
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