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The US and de-risking, with Emily Benson



In July 2023, MERICS hosted the Advancing Economic Security Forum, previously known as the Allied Economic Forum. The discussions on what goods and investments should flow freely and which should be put under more scrutiny, on what constitutes military or civilian uses of goods and services and on how the global economic landscape is changing, are part of an ongoing and expanding field concerned with economic security. Due to its global power and influence, China is a major factor in the discussions between the US and its allies and partners around the world.

In this first episode of our short series on de-risking, MERICS Analyst Francesca Ghiretti talks to Emily Benson, Director of the Project on Trade and Technology at CSIS, about the US’ understanding of de-risking, export controls and the importance of Europe for the US in the area of economic security. The interview was recorded at the sidelines of the Advancing Economic Security Forum.

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Emily Benson
Emily Benson
Director at CSIS, Project on Trade and Technology and Senior Fellow
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