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Joint project by SNV and MERICS: power-mapping the semiconductor value chain

Stiftung Neue Verantwortung (SNV) and the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) join forces to analyze China’s place within the global semiconductor value chain and position vis-à-vis Europe. Semiconductors are not only a building block of modern society and industry, and foundational to every function using computers – from automobiles to factories, banks and hospitals. They are also at the heart of the intensifying US-China technology rivalry.

The new SNV-MERICS project analyzes China’s semiconductor ‘production stack’, its strengths and weaknesses, considering Beijing’s ambitions to achieve greater self-reliance in this technology. It will highlight interdependencies between China and Europe within the semiconductor value chain, their strategic implications, and how those should be addressed through national and EU policy.  

For this year-long project, SNV and MERICS are combining their expertise in digital technology ecosystems and in China’s political economy. The project is led by Jan-Peter Kleinhans (SNV) and John Lee (MERICS) and receives support from the German Federal Foreign Office.

For more information and to arrange exchanges with our experts, please reach out via [email protected].   

A short article series in The Diplomat features the project leaders with some initial insights into the topic. MERICS keeps you informed with up-to-date analysis and assessments of China's innovation and technology policies and trends influencing global "tech decoupling."