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Interdependencies and Dependencies: China – Eastern Europe – European Union

Mar 26, 2021 09:30 - 14:30

China’s ascendancy to the role of global player is also being felt in Eurasia. In Central Asia, China is the strongest economic power, while it maintains links with Russia in the form of a “strategic partnership” based on trade in raw materials and industrial goods. In East-Central Europe, the Chinese are present as investors in infrastructure and production. All this offers opportunities for development, common ties and the forging of trust. China is also pursuing its own political interests, however. Beijing and Moscow are in agreement when it comes to their rejection of universal values such as human rights and the “liberal” world order. Herein lies the potential for confrontation when it comes to cooperative partnerships. Can this ambivalence be regulated, or are we on the threshold of a new international conflict between divergent systems? This conference, “Interdependencies and  Dependencies: China – Eastern Europe – the European Union”, will provide some answers to this question.

The conference takes place online via Zoom. Please register at the DGO website to receive access. You can also follow the conference via livestream should the event reach capacity.