MERICS Members Event: “No quick fixes for China's economy”

Jul 22, 2022 09:00 - 10:00
Members only

The government’s restrictive Covid-19 measures continue to weigh down the economy as regional lockdowns are part of a new normality. Unlike the first massive lockdown at the start of the pandemic in the first quarter 2020, there is no sign of a sharp rebound any time soon. Struggling domestic demand and worsening outlook for the global economy give little reason for optimism. The economy would need to pick up considerably over the second half of the year or risk falling short of a growth target of “around 5.5 percent”. The Party Congress and the expected third term of Xi Jinping looks set to take place during a time of economic uncertainty.

In this online session, we analyzed the latest economic data, discussed implications for China’s industrial policy ambitions and evaluated the risks for foreign companies in the Chinese market. 

Max J. Zenglein
, Chief Economist, MERICS
Gregor Sebastian, Analyst, MERICS 
Julia Coym, Director Greater China and North Asia, Control Risks   

Bernhard Bartsch
, Director External Relations, MERICS 

The meeting was confidential and by personal invitation only. This online event was part of our portfolio for MERICS Members and key stakeholders. 

As a MERICS member, you can read our corresponding publication “Stringent Covid controls take their toll on GDP growth” here.

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