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Japan and de-risking, with Kazuto Suzuki



Tokyo’s approach to de-risking, the role of Japan’s Minister for Economic Security and the specific challenges of and the need for multilateral cooperation in economic security issues are the topics in this episode of the MERICS China Podcast. MERICS Analyst Francesca Ghiretti talked to Kazuto Suzuki, Director of the Institute of Geoeconomics and professor at the University of Tokyo, on the sidelines of the Advancing Economic Security Forum in July 2023.

This is the second episode of our short series on de-risking. You can listen to the first episode on the US and de-risking featuring Emily Benson (CSIS) here

Podcast Guest(s)
Kazuto Suzuki
Kazuto Suzuki
Director, Institute of Geoeconomics; Professor, University of Tokyo
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