37821870_NPC 2023 Media Workshop
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MERICS online Medienworkshop: China’s “Two Sessions” 2023 — The state of play

The statements and decisions made at the the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the 14th National People's Congress (NPC) will provide information about the direction China will take in 2023. What is on the agenda at this year’s sessions? Which topics will be worth covering? What post-Covid policy changes can we expect?  These and other questions discussed our MERICS experts at a media briefing on Thursday, March 2.


Nis Grünberg, Lead Analyst, Politics and Society Program
Jacob Gunter, Senior Analyst, Economics Program 


Claudia Wessling, Director Communications and Publications, MERICS


Die Expert:innen vom Mercator Institute for China Studies beantworten gern Ihre Anfragen rund um das Thema China.

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