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Debates beyond the party line

China Spektrum strengthens our knowledge about China by providing nuanced insights into domestic Chinese debates. Despite increasing censorship and efforts by the Communist Party to steer discourse, Chinese intellectuals, experts, entrepreneurs and citizens hold diverse views on China’s current challenges and development.

China Spektrum analyzes relevant current debates and positions among Chinese intellectuals and experts, as well as public discussions unfolding on social media and platforms online, focusing on three themes, namely China’s:

  • Visions for the future
  • Digital transformation
  • Role in the world

A collaboration between think tank and university, China Spektrum translates findings rooted in qualitative and quantitative research methods into short and easy-to-read formats. In our regular China Spektrum Analyses, we showcase the spectrum of opinions on various issues and explain how these relate to official party-state positions. The annual China Spektrum Report summarizes key developments in China’s public discourse sphere. Project results are presented in events and podcasts.

China Spektrum started out in German and has evolved into an English language publication to meet the growing international demand for insights into debates and discussions inside China.

China Spektrum is a joint project of the China institute of the University of Trier (CIUT) and the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS).  

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The project is supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

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