China’s Return of Uncertainty – A Perfect Storm?

May 31, 2022 09:00 - 10:00

China is experiencing turbulent times: Covid-19 lockdowns across many cities and provinces have sent the Chinese economy into a dramatic decline. Censors are having a hard time cleaning the Chinese internet from statements of public discontent and even rumors about political frictions. And as the war in Ukraine rages on, the Chinese leadership course of alignment with Moscow is putting a strain on relations with Europe and the US.

Instead of riding a smooth political path towards the all-important 20th Party Congress in November, Beijing is confronted with unprecedented uncertainties. Xi Jinping has long warned that the Communist Party must vigorously prepare for multiple crises. But could the current internal and external pressures lead to a perfect storm that is a serious challenge for the system’s resilience?

Our experts discussed these and other questions in light of the new MERICS China Security & Risk Tracker* and a special edition of the MERICS China Essentials**.

Mikko Huotari, Executive Director at MERICS
Helena Legarda, Lead Analyst at MERICS
Nis Grünberg, Lead Analyst at MERICS
Bernhard Bartsch, Director External Relations at MERICS

*read only for MERICS Members, published on May 25
** free edition of the MERICS Subscription portfolio, published on June 2

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