MERICS Monitor Electric Vehicle

In the driver’s seat: China’s electric vehicle makers target Europe

Sep 16, 2021 12:00 - 13:00

In this web seminar, MERICS analyst Gregor Sebastian presented his latest MERICS Monitor “In the driver’s seat: China’s electric vehicle makers target Europe”.

One third of all vehicles are now produced in China. In 2009, China overtook the US to become the biggest automotive market and producer. This has not yet translated into automotive exports. But that may be about to change. Fueled by technological progress, huge production capacity and government support, China is on its way to become a major automotive export hub. MERICS Analyst Gregor Sebastian argues that electric vehicles (EV) create a window of opportunity for China’s automotive exports. In our new MERICS China Monitor he explores why Chinese electric vehicle makers and foreign carmakers in China increasingly export from China to Europe. He finds that China's drive to become an EV exporter will transform the global automotive sector and that China is already evolving from a global manufacturing hub to a center of automotive innovation. 

Presentation by:
Gregor Sebastian, Analyst, MERICS, Berlin

Comments by:
Corinne Abele, Chief Representative, Germany Trade and Invest (GTAI), Shanghai
Jost Wuebbeke, Director, Synolytics GmbH, Berlin

Moderated by:
Bernhard Bartsch, Director External Relations, MERICS, Berlin