MERICS Members Event: China's Role in Russia's War

März 04, 2022 09:00 - 10:00
Members only

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has escalated into a crisis of global dimensions. China is an important and powerful actor in this conflict. Over the last weeks and days, Beijing has navigated carefully to find a position that best protects its conflicting interests. China has invested heavily in its partnership with Russia and shares Putin’s ambition to change the Western-centric global order. But Beijing is also keen to stabilize its deteriorating relationships with the US and Europe, and to appear consistent with its foreign policy principles of non-interference and respect for sovereign states.

MERICS experts are currently analyzing China’s role in the Ukraine conflict from multiple angles. We invite you to an ad-hoc MERICS Members Briefing in a trusted circle to share insights and exchange views on some key questions facing policy makers and companies these days: What are the fundamental interests behind China’s partnership with Russia? Could China help Russia to avoid Western sanctions – and how? What do Beijing’s public statements reveal about potential shifts in its foreign policy?

Mikko Huotari, Director, MERICS
Helena Legarda, Lead Analyst “Foreign Relations”, MERICS
Max J. Zenglein, Chief Economist, MERICS

Bernhard Bartsch, Director External Relations, MERICS

This event was for MERICS Members and key stakeholders. It took place in a confidential setting and was by personal invitation only.

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